Test inks 28 - 72 mN/m

Test inks are fluids for testing the surface tension of plastic foils, different plastic parts and various other materials. For this, the ink with a cotton swab, brush or stick form is applied like a highlighter. By this test means, our customer has the advantage to define a fast surface tension of its material.

Test inks are available in the ranges 28 - 72mN/m (non-toxic) in 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and 1000ml PET bottles. The 10ml bottles are equipped with a brush inside the lid. The advantages of the ink are that our customer can apply this fast, when using a cotton swab to remain any dirt residue back into the ink (one-time use of the cotton swab provided)


On request we can offer test pens and inks in the

range 16 - 105 mN/m.


The durability of the ink depends on the frequency of use of ink or pens.

- With more than once daily use for about 3 months

- For weekly use around 6 months - For occasional use >12 months (Assuming an immediate closure of the bottle or the pen is immediately after use)


1000ml ink

Part no.: TXXF

XX = Dyne level

F = B(blue) or R(red)


Color: red or blue


50 & 100ml ink

Part no.: TNXXFV

XX = Dyne level

F = B(blue) or R(red)

V = 50 or 100 (ml)


Color: red or blue


10ml ink with brush

Part no.: TNPXXF

XX = Dyne level

F = B(blue) or R(red)


Color: red or blue


30ml Tinte mit Pinsel

Artikel Nr.: TNP30XXF

XX = Dynbereich bitte angeben

F = B(blau) oder R(rot)


Farbe: rot oder blau


Single pens

Part no.: LS1500

15ml / 2mm felt tip


Part no.: LS2015

26ml / 15mm felt tip


Part no.: LS2020

26ml / 20mm felt tip


Part no.: LS2060

26ml / 60mm felt tip


Part no.: COTTON100

100 Cottons

Length: 150 mm

not treated


Pricelist test inks
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